Housing Societies to be digitised in Jaipur

By Rajasthan Bureau

Registrar, Cooperative Rajan Vishal said on Tuesday that the final audit report of 161 housing construction cooperatives of Jaipur city will be digitized. For this, camps have been organized in the Office of the Mini Secretariat of Regional Audit Officer from 27th June to 13th July.

He said that this step has been taken by the department in compliance with the directions of the High Court and due to non-audit by the housing societies and the cases of irregularities arising in respect of the schemes created by them. He told that 10 to 12 societies have been invited into the camp to be organized so that the digitization can be completed by confirming the facts related to the final audit report.

Vishal informed that full information regarding the schemes created by the societies will be taken in the prescribed formats, in which the purchase details of the land, the list of plenary members, the allocated plot number and their area, the date of the allotment of the plot, the details of the remaining plots from the allocation Including other information will be received.

The registrar said that the actual address of the Aadhaar card number, telephone number and society of the office-bearers belonging to society will also be clearly recorded. In addition to the information which will not be given by the society, the co-operative society Act, along with the provisions of section 174 and 175 of the Indian Penal Code, will be brought into force.

He informed that at the level of the department many complaints related to housing construction cooperative societies have been received, in which a society lease the endorsement to different persons of the same lease, fraud with the land allotted by the society, not audit by the society and documents related to the scheme. This decision has been taken keeping in view the tampering and irregularity situation.

Vishal said that on completion of this work, any person will be able to take all necessary information related to the scheme of society online and will be careful while availing the purchase related to the land and avoid fraud.


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