Members get right to park their car inside the society

By Maharashtra Bureau


The Maharashtra State Co-operative Appellate Court recently overruled the request of the committee of society for challenging the cooperatives courts order. It ordered the relief to 3 members who were in a two-year legal battle for car parking in their society.

The society consists of 69 stilt and 34 open parking spaces and 168 flats.

The cooperative court gave the decision to affected car owners and the society committee requests appellate court against the order.

The committee used the society fund for paying lawyer and architect without the approval of society members for stating that there is no extra parking space, three members alleged said.

One member from three of them said, the chairman of the society had four parking spaces, one had stilt parking and open parking with one car and also parking was given to non-member of society.

The managing committee closed the exit gate when they were parking cars outside the society, said one of the above alleged.

These 3 members purchased cars in 2016 and we told them as the society rules, parking will be based on a rotational basis and first come first serve basis. As per the queue, their number is 6th or 7th but they want immediately, Chairman of society said.

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