Society Forms: Form No. – 20 (2) [Under the Bye-law No. 38(a)] : Transfer of Shares


Form No. – 20 (2)

[Under the Bye-law No. 38(a)]

A Form of letter of consent of the Proposed Transferee

for the Transfer of the shares and interest of the member

(Transferor) to him (Transferee).


The Secretary,

______________________________________Co-op. Housing Society Ltd.,




Shri / Shrimati / M/s. ______________________________________________________________

member of _____________________ Co-operative Housing Society Ltd., proposes to transfer
his/her/ their shares and interest in the capital / property of the society to me / us. I / We hereby give
my/our consent for the proposed transfer of shares and interest of Shri/Shrimati/M/s. ____________________

_________________________________________________ in the capital/property of the society
to me/us as required under Rule 24(1)(b) of the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Rules 1961.

My/our name and address is as under :



Place : Yours faithfully.

Date :