First Annual General Meeting in Society

By Legal Bureau

It is the responsibility of the chief promoter to call the first general body meeting with a fourteen days notice. The first meeting should be held within three months from the date of registration ofd the society. The function of the first general body meeting are as under :

(i) to elect a president for te meeting; (ii) to admit persons to memberships (other than the promoters) who have applied for membership of the society; (iii) to elect a provisional committee; (iv) to receive and approve the statement of accounts, as prepared by the chief promoter of the society, upto 14 days prior to the date of the first general body meeting of the society; (v) to authorise  the committee to secure conveyance of the right, title and interest in the property, in the name of the society, from the promoter (builder); (vi) to fix the limit upto which funds may be borrowed; (vii) to appoint in the internal auditor of the society for the year, if necesary, and to fix his remuneration; (viii) to authorise one of the members of the provisional committee to call the first meeting of provisional committee (ix) to consider affiliation of the society as member of the housing deferation of the district and other institutions mentioned in the bye-law no.6; (x) to consider any other matter to be brought before the meeting with the permission of the chair, excepting those requiriring proper notice.

The person who presides over the first general body meeting should record the minutes of the meeting, sign them and hand them over to the secretary of the society who is elected at the first meeting of the provisional committee.

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