Document to keep as “Permanent Record” by Society

(Past President PEATA (I)

It is seen that the Owner/Society do not keep all the documents related to their real estate transactions in their possession as a “Permanent Record”. With the result they face unnecessary hardship at a later stage. After a long span of time such documents are not readily available from the concerned parties. In your own interest you should possess the original documents, described in the following checklist. In the absence of originals you can keep copies of legal documents duly certified by the advocate or solicitor and technical documents from respective professional.

Deed of conveyance, 7/12 Utara & Property Register Card.
Agreement to sale, deed of sale & transfer.
Agreement of development rights when builder is a developer.
Power of Attorney.
Undertakings, Affidavits & Indemnity Bonds if any.
Set of approved / completion plans according to which work is completed.
Letter of approval of plans.
Commencement Certificate / Development permission if work is in progress.
Occupation permission / Building Completion Certificate for existing building.
Drainage Completion Certificate.
Water Connection Certificate.
Structural Stability Certificate of the building issued by the R.C.C. specialist.
Set of plans of structural designs from R.C.C. specialist as per work executed.
Plan of Electrical Layout.
Plan of Plumbing & sanitation layout.
Layout of fire fighting installations.
Architect’s Completion Certificate together with statement of carpet area / built-up area of all flats / building.
List of all component agencies involved with their name, address and telephone Nos. of viz.: –
Structural Engineer
Advocate/Solicitor who has investigated title & issued title clearance certificate
Site Supervisor / Site Engineer
Plumber / Plumbing Contractor
Electrical Contractor / Electrician
Non-Agricultural use (N.A.) permission issued by the Collector.
Clearance / NOC from the competent Authority under Urban Land Ceiling Act.

Notes: i) Take out two sets of copies of the above documents. Keep one set as
“Master Record” & other as “Working Record”.
ii) Copies of plan should be provided with lamination film or mounted on canvas for longevity of documents.
iii) The record of technical documents & plans will give great assistance to all concerned whenever major repairs of buildings are to be carried out.
Every member of the Co-op. Society should preserve his/her original share certificate and see that their nomination form is registered in the books of the society.

Following Associations are giving services to their member professionals as well as necessary guidance to public; where list of enrolled professionals can be available.

Practising Engineers, Architects and Town Planners Association (INDIA)
4 & 5, Nagree Terrace, Ground Floor, Sonawala Agyari Lane, Off. M. Chotani Road, (Near Municipal Garden),
Mahim, Mumbai – 400 016.

Tel.: 444 5998 / 444 2897 Fax: 444 2983
The Indian Institution of Architects (India)
Prospect Chambers Annexe
5th Floor, Dr. D.N. Road,
Fort, Mumbai – 400 001.

Tel.: 204 6972
Indian Society of Structural Engineers
24, Pandit Niwas, 3rd Floor, R.B.S.K. Bole Marg, Dadar (W), Mumbai – 400 028.

Tel.: 422 1015 Tel/Fax 422 4096
The Indian Institute of Interior Designers
3, Sulbha Niwas, Gr. Floor, Pt. J. Purohit Marg, Off. Lt. Dilip Gupte Road, Mahim (W),
Mumbai – 400 016.

Tel.: 446 4606, Tel./Fax 446 4452
The Institution of Engineers (India)
(Maharashtra State Centre)
15, Haji Ali Park, K. Khadye Marg,
Mahalaxmi, Mumbai – 400 034.

Tel.: 492 3650 / 494 2943 Fax: 494 2942

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