Role of Administrator appointed by Registrar

By Legal Bureau

The Act provides that every society has to maintain record/documents and accounts for smooth working of the society. There are different issues of disputes arises in every society between Managing Committee and members. It is advisable to solve the disputes amongst the members only and not to hand over the management of the society to the administrator. Sometime none of the members are interested in doing the administrative work then the society should employ a paid employee as a Administrator. The major decision should be taken by members themselves. When the management of the society is not functioning as per the provisions of the Maharashtra Co-Operative Societies Act, 1960 , Maharashtra Co-Operative Societies Rules, 1961 and the Bye –Laws of the Societies, then in such cases the Registrar has the discretion to appoint an administrator to carry out the management of the Society.
The Managing Committee is responsible to maintain smooth functions of the society. If any member aggrived by the Managing Committee for inspection of any document or record of the society can file an application to the Registrar. If Registrar satisfied that the record of the society is not maintain properly then the administrator is appointed normally for a period of six months. The administrator enjoys all the powers of the Managing Committee. He is also entitled to call a Special General Body Meeting to reconsider the decisions of the earlier Committee.
The remuneration of the administrator is fixed by the Registrar. At the end of the tenure of six months the administrator should hand over the charge either to another administrator if directed by the registrar or he should conduct an election and hand over the charge to the new Managing Committee. All acts done by the administrator in good faith are binding on the society irrespective of the amount of the expenses incurred by the administrator.

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