Transfer of Shares on the death of a member in housing society in Maharashtra

By Legal Bureau

30 (1) On the death of a member of a society the society shall transfer the share or interest of the deceased member to a persons or person nominated in accordance with the rules, or, if no person has been so nominated to such person as may appear to the committee to be the heir of legal representative of the deceased member.

Provided that, such nominee, heir or legal representatives, as the case may be, is duly admitted as a member of the society.

Provided further that, nothing in this Sub-section or in section 22 shall prevent a minor or a person of unsound mind from acquiring by inheritance or otherwise, any share or interest of a deceased member in a society.

2 Notwithstanding anything contained in Sub-section (1) any such nominee, heir or legal representative as the case may be, may require the society to pay to him the value of the share or interest of the deceased member ascertained in accordance with the rules.
3 A society may pay all other moneys due to the deceased member from the society to such nominee, heir or legal representative, as the case may be.
4 All transfers and payments duly made by a society in accordance with the provisions of this section shall be valid and effectual against any demand made upon the society by any other person.

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  • Dear sir
    Can u pls comment if a person dies leaving a nomination for a flat can the society transfer the flat on his name even if there’s a succession issue doesn’t he need to get a probate done if the other legal heirs are opposing this transfer

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