Power of Housing Society Registrar in Maharashtra

By Legal Bureau

The Registrar of the Co-operative society has got wide power as per the various provision of the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act. If the Registrar satisfied with observing various documents of the society that the management of the society is not proper then he can appoint Administrator to manage the affairs of the society. the Registrar can appoint an inquiry officer if the management of the society is not functioning properly .
1 Under Sec. 77A the Registrar has power to appoint a new Committee or Administrator when there is a failure to elect member to constitute committee.
2 Under Section 78 the Registrar has power to remove the managing Committee or the members of the managing committee.
3 Under Section 79 the Registrar has power to enforce performance of obligation.
4 The Registrar has power to seize records of the Society.
5 Under Section 81 the Registrar has power to appoint an Auditor to audit the accounts of the society.
6 Under Section 82, the Registrar has power to direct the society to rectify the defects in the accounts.
7 The Registrar on receipt of complaint or on his own can initiate an inquiry under Section 83.
8 The Registrar can initiate action under 88 to assess damages against delinquent promoters.
9 The Registrar has power under Section 89 to summon and enforce an attendance of any person and examines him on oath or affirmation or by affidavit or to compel the production of any document in the same manner, as is provided in the case of Civil Court under the court of Civil procedure 1908.
10 The Registrar has power to inspect the working of the Society under Section 89 A.
If the party is aggrieved by the decision of the Registrar or its subordinate then a provision exists for revision application under Section 145 of the Act before higher authority i.e Joint Registrar of Co-operative Societies and even before the State Government under the said Section 154.