Society Forms: Form No. – 20(1) [Under the Bye-law No.38 (a)]


Form No. – 20(1)

[Under the Bye-law No.38 (a)]

A Form of Notice of intention of a member to transfer his Shares and

interest in the Capital/Property of the Society.


The Secretary,

______________________________________Co-op. Housing Society Ltd.,





member of ________________________________________________________ Co-operative
Housing Society Ltd., having address at___________________________________________________


and holding five fully paid up shares of Rupees Fifty each, bearing distinctive numbers
from ____________ to ____________ (both inclusive) and the Flat No. ____________ admeasuring
__________ sq.mtrs., in the building of the society, numbered known as
___________________________ hereby give you notice as required under Rule 24 of the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies
Rules, 1961, as under :

I / We Shri / Shrimati / M/s. ___________________________________________________________


intend to transfer my/our shareas and my/our right, title and interest in the flat in the building of
the society and my/our interest in the capital of the society to Shri/Shrimati/ M/s. _____________________


for consideration of Rs. ___________________________.

The consent of the transferee is given overleaf.

Yours faithfully,

Place :

Date :

Encl : 1) Consent letter from the transferee.






  • very good details about forms of co-operative society, but i could not find the form for the transferee , if transferee is a ” COMPANY” . plz guide me for whether same form 23 can be used inthis case ????

  • Many thanks for making forms available on website.

  • in application form no 21, form 20(1), form 20(2) form 23, form 25, form 26
    what date should we fill up please guide me.

  • All forms, housing society related not available. Application form for associate member of housing society is not available.

  • i want the form no3 which is required to be submitted in the society to get the flat transfer in the name of purchaser

  • For the purpose mentioned below, Please advise me as to where I cna find form “H1” ?  :

    “Registrar of Cooperative Societies. 
     The registrar has the authority to make you a “deemed member” which the society must honor. In fact, transfer charges apart, even if you are being denied membership over some personal issue. a “H1″ form obtained from the Registrar is to be submitted to the Registrar Coop Housing Societies.”

    Your help would be appreciated.

    Kind regards

  • looking for Appendix 2 Form 19 (a)

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